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Dr. Chris Young Foreign Protestants Collection

With the death from complications of Parkinson’s disease of Dr. J. Christopher Chris Young on January 29, 2018, his desire that his library will always be open has been met with the creation of the Dr. Chris Young Foreign Protestant Collection.

As a Foreign Protestants descendant (mother Langille) who has spent 5 summers in our Lunenburg second home, I, Charlie Guy, was very fortunate to meet both Chris and Margaret Young. When our family decided to create the not-for-profit digital museum ( Society) in an attempt to extend Chris’ research efforts, he became my primary mentor in the project sharing with me not only his vast knowledge but more importantly his moral support.

Stewart C. Langille

Following in the footsteps of Allister Sloan Langille  and his wife, Sara Ann Janson Langille, MD, in their research genealogy book published in 1929The Langille Family The Langille Family Genealogical Records, Stewart Langille in the late 1970's 

Allister Sloan, an Attorney, and Sara Janson Langille, M.D.

The following information on Allister Sloan Langiile’s life was obtained from viewing a partial actual copy of his obituary that was found on under his name. The name of the paper and the date of the listing are unknown, but much of the information contained has been confirmed with other genealogical records.

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