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Rous' Brook Park


In 1753, three years into Father Le Loutre's War, John Creighton led the group of Foreign Protestants stationed in Halifax to resettle Mirliguèche naming the new British colony Lunenburg. The town was named in honour of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, George August of Hanover who was also the duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg. Like Halifax, the British established Lunenburg unilaterally, that is, without negotiating with the Mi'kmaq whose sovereign territory it had always been. In the spring, Governor Hopson received warnings from Fort Edward that as many as 300 natives nearby were prepared to oppose the settlement of Lunenburg and intended to attack upon the arrival of settlers. On June 7, 1753, supervised by Lawrence, escorted by several ships of the British Navy and accompanied by 160 Regular soldiers, 1,453 Foreign Protestants from Halifax landed at Rous' Brook.

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