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Langille Shipbuilders: Built at Mahone Bay

History of the County of Lunenburg, 2nd Edition 1895, p. 475-476

Brief History of the Langille Shipbuilders

John Peter Langille (I62), who plied the trade of blacksmithing near Lunenburg, had seven sons, five of whom--Titus, Calvin, Aaron, Stephen, and Enoch--became shipbuilders.

  • Titus Langille was born on January 22nd 1832 and died December 7th 1892. He carried on his business at Mahone Bay and built in this county 3 barques, 7 brigantines, 56 schooners, and 2 steamships -- the Lunenburg, plying between Lunenburg and Halifax; and the Ralph E.S. owned at Sambro. The Lunenburg is 124 feet long breadth 25 feet 5 inches, depth 12 feet 5 inches, gross tonnage 265, net 113. She is a fast traveller. Among other vessels Mr. Langille built are the barque Busy, brigantines Mirella, Express, Tenser, schooners Friend, Flash, Active, Zephyr, Arrow, Brisk, Two Brothers, yacht Squirrel, barquentine Elizabeth. He also built four schooners in other counties.
  • Calvin Langille who recently resided at Bridgewater built in this county 1 barque and moulded laid down and helped to build two others 3 barquentines 1 brig 8 brigantines 31 schooners He also built 2 brigantines and helped in the building of 20 other vessels outside of the county.
  • Stephen Langille, living at North West, built at Lunenburg, 1 brigantine and at Mahone Bay and other places in the county, 18 schooners 4 of which were built on Herman's Island.
  • Aaron Langille built as mentioned under Vessels Built at Petite Riviere, 1 brigantine and 30 schooners.
  • Enoch Langille, now living at Conquerall Bank, built the following number of schooners between the years 1856 and 1876: At Vogler's Cove, 5: West Dublin, 5: Broad Cove, 3: Petite Riviere, 2: Parks Bay, 1: Dublin Shore, 1: Getson's Cove, 1: Herman's Island, 1 or 19 in all; and outside of the county 2--a total of 21. Mr Langille was engaged previous to 1856 in the building of many vessels, but not as master builder.

Source: History of the County of Lunenburg,  2nd Edition 1895, By M. Des Brisay Pages: 475-476