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Inventory of Historical Buildings

The Church Map 1864-83

This map of Lunenburg was produced by the A.F. Church Co. of Bedford, N.S. and appears as a large-scale inset on a Topographical Township Map of Lunen­burg County. The map shows streets and buildings and identifies each building with a name. The title block on the map states that it was "entered according to law on the 24th March, A.D. 1864" and indeed, it is often referred to as the "1864 Church Map". However, there is reason to doubt the correctness of this date. Sources at P.A.N.S.

Local Research And Bibliographic Sources

The following documents and sources were consulted in the course of research for the Heritage Resource Study.

Registry of Deeds

How to Use this Inventory

How To Locate Yourself

The material in this in­ventory is arranged in the form of annotated block diagrams. Each page in the inventory represents one block in the Town or, where the block system becomes less defined, one general area.

The Block Diagrams are numbered #1 to #100 and proceed sequentially through the Town as shown on the Orientation Map on the facing page. On the Orientation Map the number in the middle of each block or area represents the page number where in­formation on that area can be found.

1890 Bird's Eye View

This pictorial view of the Town was drawn by Bollinger of Halifax and published by D.D. Currie of Moncton, N,B. It shows in considerable detail how the Town had developed by 1890, Many older houses had been renovated and added to with stylish dormers and towers and many new houses had been built in the eclectic, late Victorian style typical to Lunenburg, with projecting dormers, bold frontispieces, and ornate, bracketed trim around windows and doors.


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