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From 1749-1752 over 24 shiploads of immigrants arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of the English’s attempt to colonize the Nova Scotia territory.

21st June, 1749, the Sloop of War, Sphinx, arrived in the Harbor of Chebucto (Halifax), having on board, the Honourable Edward Cornwallis, Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of the Province of Nova Scotia. His fleet consisted of 13 Transports with 2,576 passengers totaling 1,546 males including 500 man-of-war sailors, but exclusive of any children. Source: P.{5}; HISTORY OF HALIFAX CITY, Dr. Thomas B. Akins (1809-1891) Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1895.

24th, July 1749, Cornwallis, observing the small numbers of industrious and honest Swiss who had arrived with the lazy and worthless English, desired more of the former and less of the latter. Accordingly, he appealed by letter to the Board of Trade in London to now send over more Foreign Protestants to settle his colony. 

August 1750, As a result of Cornwallis’ letter, the Alderney, first of 12 additional ships with its 353 Foreign Protestants immigrants, arrived in Halifax. Source: P. {27}; HISTORY OF HALIFAX CITY, Dr. Thomas B. Akins (1809-1891) Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1895.

8th June, 1753, the 1st of 1,453 of the above Foreign Protestants immigrants arrived by ships from Halifax in Lunenburg ashore on what is now Rous' Brook Park at the intersection of 248 Pelham Street and Ship Yard Road on the way to Blue Rocks. Their voyage, supervised by Brigadier-General Charles Lawrence, a British military officer, later lieutenant governor and governor of Nova Scotia, was escorted by several ships of the British Navy and accompanied by 160 Regular soldiers. 

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