Dr. J. Christopher Young

Dr. J. Christopher Chris Young passed away on January 29, 2018, from complications of Parkinson’s disease.

Nearly 2 million living Foreign Protestants descendants have lost one of their most passionate and prolific advocates of the historical and genealogical study of these reliant and creative initial 1,453 immigrant settlers to Lunenburg in 1753 who were so important to the economic and cultural development of not just the Nova Scotia and Canada, but all of North America..

Chris’ Foreign Protestants family heritage (Jung & Corkum) fueled his passions in applying his exceptional analytical and writing skills to further extend the heritage discovery and preservation efforts of Dr. Winthrop Pickard Bell’s historical book The “Foreign Protestants” and the Settlement of Nova Scotia. Chris spent thousands of hours completing Dr. Bell’s unfinished goal of developing a registry of the 1st 1,453 immigrants from Germany, Switzerland, and the Montbeliard region of France and Holland who landed on June 7, 1753 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Chris’ editing efforts yielded not only the Register of the Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770), but also Maps Associated With Lunenburg County Family History. Both were published in 2003.

Since I (Charlie Guy, III) am also a Foreign Protestants (nee Langille) who has spent the last 5 summers in our Lunenburg 2nd home, I was very fortunate to meet both Chris and Margaret. When our family decided to create the not-for-profit digital museum (ForeignProtestants.com Society) in an attempt to extend Chris’ efforts, he became my primary mentor in the project sharing with me not only his vast knowledge, but more importantly his moral support.

As Chris' health declined, Margaret shared with me that he had often mentioned to her:

When a person dies, a library closes, inferring that so much family history and their recollections of it vanish with them.

When his health became even more challenging, Chris and Margaret asked if we might be willing to help insure that when he died that his library with his genealogical research, papers, and written books would NOT be CLOSED.  Since he shared and supported Our Vision...

   Places and People through their Stories create a Family’s Heritage.
   A collection of Family Heritages becomes a Community’s Heritage

... the Young family's decision was to donate the rights to all his written works to our not-for-profit ForeignProtestants.com Society enabling their sale via our on-line Member Store to become a major source of our financial support. 

Additionally he also provided us with the rights to the digital content of his original web site, seawhy.comthat we are now integrating into our current web site. The quote below from the introduction to this website referred to as the Wizard's Cove**, best represents his true selfless and enduring value to all descendants of Foreign Protestants:

   The Wizard**

      Drop your anchor in the Wizard's Cove and come ashore for a spell.
      Tis no longer a tik o'fog, you
 as it can be in the Marimtides.

Let my web pages introduce you to some of the mysteries of my world, whether it be trying to find who has swum in my gene pool, how to grow crystals, what goes on in my alchemy lab, or laugh a bit. Perhaps we can also spin a few yarns about other fish swimming in your gene pools as well.

Finally,  all of Chris’ other physical written research materials will be shared with the South Shore Genealogical Society (SSGS) to establish the J. Christopher Young FPS-SSGS Foreign Protestants Collection. Visitors researching their family history will then have direct access to many of these original items when visiting the SSGS Research Centre in the Lunenburg Academy, Lunenburg Nova Scotia, Canada.

To more effectively follow in Chris’ footsteps, we now have at our advantage modern GIS mapping system and the most modern and up-to-date digital technologies including a highly searchable interactive museum grade database and content management system. We will now also begin using his original website content to better enrich our Society's website content. 

It is our desire to help foster an enduring, convenient, and accurate digital museum in order to help others to also become as passionate as Chris in insuring that his information regarding this very important group of original immigrants to North America will always be available!

Chris' library will always be open!

**In his early years when Chris was teaching and for some time thereafter, he used to perform chemical magic under the stage name The Wizard. The actual Cove, in New Brunswick, Canada, is in front of his cottage he had inherited from his parents.

Chris Young & Charlie Guy, Founder of ForeignProtestants.com Society Wizard's Cove, October 2016

Chris Young & Charlie Guy, Founder of ForeignProtestants.com Society, at the Wizard's Cove, October 2016

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