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The Church Map 1864-83

The Church Map 1864-83

This map of Lunenburg was produced by the A.F. Church Co. of Bedford, N.S. and appears as a large-scale inset on a Topographical Township Map of Lunen­burg County. The map shows streets and buildings and identifies each building with a name. The title block on the map states that it was "entered according to law on the 24th March, A.D. 1864" and indeed, it is often referred to as the "1864 Church Map". However, there is reason to doubt the correctness of this date. Sources at P.A.N.S. suggest that the map could have been produced as late as 1883, a date which is certainly corroborated by the fact that registered deed information correlates the historical annotations on the map more closely with the early 1880's then it does with the mid I860's.

Also, the map shows the railway which did not come to the Town until the late 1870's. On the other hand, the physical development of the Town appears to be minimally less on the Church Map than that which is shown on the 1879 Bird's Eye View and it is, therefore, reasonable to assume that the map was made before 1879. Still, some credence must be given to the 1864 date. It has been suggested that the map may have been produced originally in 1864, showing the buildings as they existed at that time and then revised culturally some years later. 

The history of the Church Company unknown and the most can be said is that the was produced somewhere the 1864-83 period. The notation H.A means Henry Kaulback.

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