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Chris Young's Original Wizard's Cove

In the late 1990's, Dr. Chris Young created his Wizard's Cove website in order to better share his years of research that led to his two classic books:

  Register of The Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770).
  TWO VOLUME SET Written by Winthrop P. Bell, Ph.D.
  Compiled by Dr. Chris Young, Ph.D. (author-published)
  Maps Associated With Lunenburg County Family History (Nova Scotia)
  By Dr. Chris Young (author-published)

As a result of his bequest of this website to the Society, we are now integrating much of his valuable content into our website. 

This link is to Chris' ORIGINAL WEBSITE. Please note, however, it has been slightly updated as some of his original links are now to non-existent websites. Should a link now NOT currently open to an active website, it means that the original content has been removed by its original content owner.
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