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About Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

A panorama of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Lunenburg (2006 population: 2,317) is a Canadian port town in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia located at the western side of Mahone Bay on the province's South Shore on the North Atlantic. The town is approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of the county boundary of the Halifax Regional Municipality, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. The approximate drive times to Lunenburg: 

  • 1 hour south from the Stanfield International Airport north of Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 2½ hour south from Pictou, Nova Scotia, where the Prince Edwards Island-Nova Scotia ferry arrives.
  • 2½ hour north from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, where The Cat-The Ship arrives from Portland, Maine.
  • 2 drive east from Digby, Nova Scotia, where the MV Fundy Rose – The Ship arrives from Saint John, New Brunswick, on Canada’s mainland.

While the landscape of the original Lunenburg townsite was still wilderness, surveyors in Britain had provided a town plan based on a rectilinear grid of 42 blocks. 260 years later this town plan is still intact. The historic core of the town plan (Old Town Lunenburg) was instrumental in having Lunenburg first being recognized in 1991 as a National Historical Site of Canada. In 1995 it was then designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the best surviving example of a planned British settlement in North America.

It is arguable that this British grid plan of 1753 has been the community’s one defining factor for the past 260 years. This designation ensures protection for much of Lunenburg's unique architecture and its wonderful collection of visually pleasing structures.

Lunenburg is NOT, however, just a quaint collection of architecturally significant buildings overlooking a picturesque wharf and harbor that has, in fact, become one of the most popular Nova Scotia vacation destinations. Lunenburg is also a living and vibrant community comprised not only of local residents, many who are descendants of the multi-century old Foreign Protestants Founding Families but also of the many newly arrived international residents, both fulltime and seasonal, from all parts of the world, especially the United States.

This rich multi-cultural and LGBT friendly community provides not only its own residents but also its visitors with experiences truly unique in the world!! The Lunenburg experience is the result of the friendly sharing of the varied passions and interests of the residents with their visitors in a crime free and trustful atmosphere reminiscent of Canada & the United States in the 1950’s and 60’s.

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