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Nova Scotia-A Brief History by Phyllis Ruth Blakley


This now out-of-print book was originally used for many years primarily in the 5th and 6th grades to provide the Nova Scotia school children with an accurate and engaging brief overview of their Province’s important history. We are making this current online digital copy available of her book to all our FREE Guest Members for two very important reasons:

  • Students & Their Teachers: To again have available this very important brief, but still very accurate historical and cultural information about the history of Nova Scotia not only for the young people of Nova Scotia, but also of all of Canada and North America, home to millions of Foreign Protestants descendants.
  • Adults: In as much as this book is a very engaging and quick read for adults, it as a fun and accurate source of information for those individuals either descendants of or those interested in the Foreign Protestants.

Phyllis Blakeley's contributions to Nova Scotian history and to the archival profession in Canada will not soon be forgotten. A generation of schoolchildren first developed an interest in their provincial history through her textbooks. Two generations of pupils were captivated by her witty and enthusiastic school tours through the old Archives building on the Dalhousie campus. And a multitude of university students and faculty have been inspired by her great love—the=story of our past, which she presented as a gift to all those who wished to learn. *Excerpt from Phyllis’ 1986 obituary in the International Journal of Education by L. Kernighan.