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Register of The Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770)


Written by Winthrop P. Bell, Ph.D.   Compiled by J. Christopher Young, Ph.D. (author-published)

Essential for the Foreign Protestants researcher!

Price: $19.95

Lunenburg’s Bicentennial June 1953


This 46-page booklet is dedicated to the memory of those courageous men and women founded Lunenburg 200 years ago. As one of the oldest communities in British North America, we are proud of their contribution as an ethic group of virility and imagination to the stream of Canadian nationhood.

Price: $1.99

A History and Genealogy of the South Shore Langilles - Only


Part I contains ONLY the introduction text.

Price: $13.95

Langille Handwritten Ancestral Records Only


Part II

Price: $3.00

A Family Tree of Westhavers


Rev. Clyde Westhaver who was not only a close friend of Dr. Chris Young, but also a collaborator in a number of Foreign Protestants joint works.

Price: $4.99

Maps Associated With Lunenburg County Family History (Nova Scotia)


By J. Christopher Young, Ph.D. (author-publisher)

Price: $14.95

A YOUNG Life: the Memoirs of James Christopher Frederick YOUNG


By J. Christopher Young, Ph.D. (author-publisher)

These personal memoirs of Chris’s life also provide a wealth of information concerning many other Founding Foreign Protestants descendants who were also members of his family. Pages 208-238 contain an AHNENTAFEL CHART FOR OUR ANCESTORS  (Young & Corkum).

Price: $14.95



By J. Christopher Young, Ph.D. (author-publisher)

The idea for this book grew out of Chris’s conversation with Lionel Thurlow in the run-up to the Grand Family Reunion [Chris created and managed.] of July 10-14, 2003 as part of Lunenburg’s 250th Anniversary Celebration.

Price: $12.95

The Langille Family History


This book was written and published in 1929 by Allister Sloan Langille and Sara Ann Hanson Langille, M.D., of Chicago, Ill. It is believed to be the first Langille history written by a family member.

Price: $3.95

Nova Scotia-A Brief History by Phyllis Ruth Blakley


This now out-of-print book was originally used for many years primarily in the 5th and 6th grades to provide the Nova Scotia school children with an accurate and engaging brief overview of their Province’s important history. We are making this current online digital copy available of her book to all our FREE Guest Members for two very important reasons:

Price: $2.95

The Halifax Citadel


THE HALIFAX CITADEL  National Historic Park  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is an actual multi-page informational 11 page booklet with maps, pictures, and information.

Price: $1.99

Little Dutch Church 1895 (HALIFAX)


The Little Dutch (Deutsch) Church is the second oldest building in Halifax, Nova Scotia, after St. Paul’s evangelical Anglican church. The church was built for the Foreign Protestants who first landed in Halifax starting in 1749 before then later in 1753 being transported by ships sailing to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It was adapted as a church in 1756 and consecrated in 1760. It is the oldest known surviving church in Canada associated with the German-Canadian Community. Nearly 60% of all the original Foreign Protestants were German.

Price: $1.99