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Original Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgements (i)
Historical Geography of Lunenburg (ii & iii)
Local Research and Bibliographical Sources (iv & v)
The Church Map (vi & vii)
The 1879 Bird’s Eye View (viii & ix)
The 1880 Bird’s Eye View (x & xi)

How to Use This Inventory

The material in this inventory was arranged in the form of annotated block diagrams. Each page in the inventory represents one block in the Town or, where the block system becomes less defined, one general area.

Orientation Map (xiii)

The Inventory

We have two sources of information for Lunenburg’s historical buildings (Places):

  • A scanned complete copy of the original photographs of the Places with their profiles with information up-to-date through late 1983 (pages 1-100).
  • The Society is also currently digitally updating this older information with current photographs and any additional information obtained regarding the building since late 1983. During this digital upgrade process we are also adding the following information that will then allow the building Places to be linked to important Lunenburg residents:

Name of Property, Featured Photo, Contact Owner, Additional Photos, History and Ownership, Linkage to other Places, People and Organizations, Place Stories, and Sponsor Information.

          To Explore Places via a search by Place or Person or BOTH.


Detailed Street Address Maps  
 Old Town(xv)
 Upper Green Street & Victoria Road  (xvi)
 Upper Dufferin Street & Tannery Road(xvii)
Glossary of Architectural Terms         (xviii), (xix) & (xx)