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An Inventory of Historical Buildings

LUNENBURG: An Inventory of Historical Buildings with Photographs and Historical and Architectural Notes

An Inventory of Historical Buildings with Photographs and Historical and Architectural Notes

Originally published June 1984 by the Town of Lunenburg, the original content was initially researched and its publishing managed by a then Lunenburg resident, William (Bill) Plaskett, as a project for the Lunenburg County District Planning Commission on behalf of the Town of Lunenburg Heritage Advisory Committee with the financial assistance of the Nova Scotia Department of Culture, Recreation, and Fitness. This book was originally published as a large (10 ½” X 14 ½") coffee table paperback. In this format it was somewhat complicated to use and physically inconvenient to use unless sitting at a desk.

Realizing the immense historical value of this original book, the Society has developed and funded this community based project to digitized this valuable information for the Lunenburg property owners AND visitors, both in-person and/or online when planning a possible visit to the Lunenburg area.

This Society's Free Enhanced Online Digital Edition utilizes our museum grade content management system to now provide an integrated ability to link Places with People. We will also be gradually adding updated Place Photos, Stories, Ownership History, and Linked People & Organizations information when it becomes available.

Our primary goals for this current FREE online digital edition:  

1. For Lunenburg property owners: Provide them with a convenient and lasting digital vehicle to:

  • share their additional interesting and valuable building histories and the People historically linked to them.
  • add additional photographs, old and/or new, and interesting Stories.
  • update any information reflecting recent renovations/improvements sensitive to the Lunenburg's built heritage utilizing modern construction materials and techniques while meeting Town and national building codes.

2. For potential ancestral and heritage sensitive visitors to Canada: We hope during your online pre-trip planning activities that our digital resources will better help to identify those historical buildings and sites of possible interest. We hope our efforts helps to better motivate you and your family to visit Lunenburg and the South Shore Nova Scotia....VERY SOON!!

Upon your arrival in Lunenburg, you can then also better enjoy Lunenburg's Museum Without Walls experience using our FREE Self-Guided Walks system in conjunction with the Town’s Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage System and its Historical Interpretive Panels Trail. WiFi connection is available via your personal cellular data plans when used in the landscape mode for smartphones or digital pads. 

3. For the keepers and protectors of Lunenburg's Foreign Protestants heritage: We have created this FREE not-for-profit visitor development resource as an additional tool for supporting the Lunenburg Heritage Society, the South Shore Genealogical Society and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

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